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Why You Need to Drop Everything and Make Your Brand Guidelines

Right now, as you read this, someone is out there blindly creating content for your brand. As they recklessly hammer away on the keyboard or use the incorrect font on a designed pamphlet, one thing is clear: nothing is going to be consistent without a brand guide. A brand guide is a brand’s best friend and should be the bible for your content creators.

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Find Your Banjo (A Catalyst For Change)

So, there I wasa 30-year-old man staring blankly at a low-grade beginner’s banjo at a Guitar Center in Uptown Houston. Did I know how to play a banjo? No. Did I even consider playing a banjo before I walked into the store? No.

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Versa And Google Outline The Future Of Digital Marketing

Great marketing comes with great responsibility. Not only do we provide powerful branding services for our clients, we are dedicated to delivering innovative digital strategy opportunities to help push them to the next level. Which level, you ask? The level of awesome. The level where people are able to find their products and/or services online with ease.

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The Journey Of An Idea

Let’s just get it out in the open: creativity takes worklots and lots of work. Rarely do great ideas effortlessly flow out of our minds onto the page. In fact, for every great idea, there were at least twenty bad ideas we dragged out back and beat with a shovel.

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Client Highlight: Vital Heart & Vein

Everyone’s heart beats for something. Whether it’s for your family, your friends, or your hobbies, there are several wonderful reasons to live life to the fullest. This is the cornerstone belief behind Vital Heart & Vein’s extraordinary cardiovascular care.

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Client Spotlight: Amazing Lash Studio

When you need eyelashes that speak volumes and are capable of turning any event from ordinary to extraordinary, there are few better options than Amazing Lash Studio. Whether you need gorgeous, natural, sexy, or cute lashes, feel confident you’ll receive quality extensions that are not only lightweight, but extremely comfortable. At Versa Creative, we are proud to contribute to such a lively and iconic brand.

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3 Ways Your Business Can Use Facebook Live

In this day and age, staying in motion is a necessity. From an advertising standpoint, if you’re not moving, you’re dying. Gone are the days when a business simply needed a well-placed billboard and a few engaging print ads. Today, consumers are in emersed in a cacophony of ads. And to help cut through the noise, you’ll need to be adaptable, direct, and in motion.

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3 Ways To Revive A Dying Meeting

We’ve all been there. That moment during an important business meeting when you realize that your monotone ramblings have left the eyes of your peers glazed and droopy. Despite your extensive planning, your meeting has somehow gone flat, and the big boss in the back of the room is offering her feedback through a jaded yawn. It’s okay. It’s happened to all of us. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve to make sure it never happens again.

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Social Media Taboos – What Brands Should Not Do

Social media offers a unique opportunity to engage your audience in a more personalized setting. Although, if not managed properly, you can run into various problems within these candid conversations. So, without further ado, here are a few social media taboos to avoid.

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Versa Has Been Awarded A Premier Partnership From Google

When you work hard and dream big, great things are bound to happen. Perhaps it comes in the form of a big promotion or a well-needed vacation. For us, here at Versa, it was officially being awarded a Partner Premier badge from none other than Google. Among the many honors this partnership entails, this recent development makes Versa one of two marketing agencies in Houston to receive this award. So, what is a Partner Premier badge, and why is it so important?

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University Of Houston Partners With Versa Creative Group

Versa Creative Group, founded by Mary Shekari, is proud to announce that the University of Houston has selected Versa to develop comprehensive website and database solutions for UH Alumni and Giving web properties.

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SIRE Brings Joy Into People’s Lives

Cowboys rustling up some cattle. Storming the grounds of The Kentucky Derby. Pulling a carriage through the streets of New York City. These are typically what we think of regarding the usefulness of horses. But SIRE, a Texas-based non-profit organization, knows horses offer much more than basic transportation or entertainment.

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Versa And HISD Join Teams

Versa Creative Group is pleased to announce we are going to school. Not the classroom, per se, but we have partnered with the Houston Independent School District.

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Versa Creative Group Volunteers at The Houston Food Bank

Versa Creative Group, founded by Mary Shekari, visited the Houston Food Bank to pack bags with nutritious snacks for low-income children to take home over the weekend.

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Building A Better Web Presence For WG Consulting


Will You Survive Google’s Mobilegeddon?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge contributor to the success of companies. With good SEO practices, your website will rank higher in search engine results. Google has recently made its biggest change in years to its search algorithm, and it impacts everyone. Google’s search algorithm now favors mobile-friendly websites, which means that mobile-friendly sites will have better search rankings and those that are not will have lower rankings.

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Versa is an Official Google Certified Partner

Versa Creative Group is proud to announce that we are an official Google Certified Partner. Our staff went through hours of training, including passing multiple, rigorous tests and demonstrating that we can meet budget requirements of our clients and PPC accounts.

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New Graphic Design Trend: The Coffee Shop Look

Tucked away in a street corner is a small coffee shop with mismatched furniture, funky decor, and the fragrant scent of roasted coffee beans. Up on the blackboard is their menu of espresso concoctions and delicate pastries written in an array of contrasting fonts, detailed with swirls and banners. This typography is meant to bring out the feel of the coffee shop, and all kinds of brands have started to use this chalkboard hand-lettering. Brands such as Minute Maid, TGI Friday’s, and even McDonald’s have incorporated it into their advertisements.

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The Success of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

During Superbowl XLVII in 2013, a massive power outage occurred in the stadium after Beyonce’s epic halftime show. This unforgettable moment led to an unforgettable tweet from Oreo.Jumping at the chance to get their brand into the trending conversation, Oreo made a lasting impact on Twitter users and started a revolution of real-time marketing. This tweet was retweeted over 15,000 times, and when Oreo posted it on Facebook, it got over 20,000 likes. Out of all the ads shown on the biggest day of the year for ads, this simple tweet arguably had the biggest impact.

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The World of Social Media is Evolving

Marketing – digital or otherwise – is an industry that is constantly changing. Almost as volatile as the stock market, those in the industry must not keep up with the trends – we must anticipate them or even instigate them, if we’re just that good. 2014 has yielded just as many twists and turns as we thought it would in the marketing world. With the rise of the generation Y, the Millennials, and the global connection that is the Internet, social media marketing has never been so relevant or powerful.

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